2014 goals: shopping ban

 2014 goals: shopping ban

It took me some time to put up this post as I didn't know how to write about the results from my shopping ban.
So I'll start simply with a reminder of the list of purchases I had settled for:
As you certainly gathered from outfits posts, I managed to get the DVN scarf, the last one at the boutique, on sales and I'm still incredibly happy about this addition to my collection.

coat/ manteau: Isabel Marant - scarf/écharpe: Dries van Noten - pull/sweater: COS- jeans: H&M - shoes/chaussures: Fratelli Rossetti - bag /sac: Céline

The APC gloves on the other hand turned out to be a wild-goose chase: with the mild winter and the fact that the gloves were available online, I assumed finding them in store would be easy. Wrong. After calling and popping by a few stores and corners, I finally found them at the rue Madame boutique and was glad I had the opportunity to try them on there because otherwise I would have lost more time and money had I ordered them from the e-shop. The smallest size was too big for my hands and as sorry as I was to give up on them I knew it was the right call. 

Soon, very soon after this disappointing turn of event, I started to think of a "replacement" purchase for the gloves. 
So instead of the gloves, sales at Zara gave me an opportunity to get the classic camel deep v-neck cashmere sweater I wanted to copycat one of the DvN sales assistant.  

pull/sweater: Zara -pants/pantalon: H&M - shoes/chaussures: Dries van Noten - mittens/mitaines: C&A

Two down, only one to go and at that point, January was not even over...

As it happens one of my eBay search made me stumble upon a long time coveted item, the Uniqlo faux fur peacoat and the moment I saw it, I knew there was no way I just could pass on this occasion.

faux-fur coat/Manteau fausse fourrure: Uniqlo - pull/sweater: COS - jeans: H&M - sneakers/baskets: Nike Blazer x Comptoir des Cotonniers - bag/cabas: Céline

In all logic, this third buy should have marked the end of the shopping right? 

Why, there was still the matter of the black jeans of course which were found at Uniqlo. My "excuse" to cave in relying on the fact that I really needed them and wouldn't break my bank account even if I did break my promise... Twisted.

coat/manteau +jeans : Uniqlo - top: Dries van Noten - scarf/écharpe: Isabel Marant - sneakers/baskets: Eden - bag /sac: Céline

For a complete disclosure, by February, once the ban was officially broken, I felt no guilt getting the Acne Canada scarf in camel which was neither on the list nor a necessity...

leather jacket/Veste cuir: ASOS - scarf/écharpe + pull/sweater + boots: Acne Studios - jeans: Uniqlo - bag : Céline

voilà, this ban taught me or rather enhanced what I honestly had figured out:

Focusing on a limit of purchases allowed made me realize that the vast majority of my buys, though 95% of the time thoughtful because the permanent goal in my mind is wearability, compatibility with the rest of my belongings - were unnecessary impulsive ones (i.e. a 4th blue shirt, another pair of black cropped pants, the umpteenth grey sweater, etc.) justified by the fact that most are "inexpensive" or at least affordable. 

Controlling these shopping habits were at times incredibly frustrating because often related to stress, to an easy access to stores as a way-out, a feel-better excuse. 

Even if I failed to completely enforce this ban, it has this lasting positive effect -besides the money saved- to make me even more assertive about my shopping choices. At the slightest doubt, I don't buy it. If it's cute but feels like déjà-vu -as in, already featured in my wardrobe-  I don't buy it.

So as a matter of fact, my fashion envies have soared - I want so so many things- especially since the bout of spring we had in Paris but my actual purchases are few not to say rare.  

What's your status regarding shopping nowadays? Do you have a shopping philosophy/process to restrain your purchases? 

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